• It is a special medicine for the treatment of leaf blast disease (leaf rot) that damages rice leaves, cotton neck blast disease (earth rot) which damages rice ears.
  • Is a fungicide with high internal absorption properties, which is quickly absorbed into plants after spraying.
  • Net weight: 100g.


  • TRICYCLAZOLE 75% (w/w).
  • Additives 25% (w/w).

Rice: rice blast

 + Dosage: 23-31g / 25 liter bottle.

 + Use 400g drug/ha.

 + Amount of water mixed: 400 liters/ha.

 + Spray when early disease appears.

Isolation period: Do not use the drug 14 days before harvest.

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1 Certificate of Accreditation ISO17025 2017.pdf Download

  • Hard to wash off, lasting effect.
  • Is quickly absorbed into plants after spraying.
  • Very safe for plants.

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