Turbomix Technology


Turbomix là dây chuyền sản xuất các loại phân bón hòa tan và phân bón lá độc quyền của BACONCO CROP CARE.

Resulting from a 3 year development and testing period, Turbomix allows BACONCO to formulate high quality soluble formulas in a very flexible and competitive way.

With a selective choice of high grade raw material, micro-nutrients and additives, BACONCO guarantees the best quality to its customers:

  • Best form of nutrients for an optimal uptake and result.
  • Stability of the formulation (no caking, no moisturing).

BACONCO is now seeking distributors overseas to extend its exportation activity and build long-term partnerships.

In a competitive environment, BACONCO will help his partners to differentiate strongly, offering customized and exclusive formulation, packaging, label and branding.

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