USP Technology


Twelve years of testing, R&D and improvements have allowed Baconco to develop a strong knowledge of the product and its advantages leading to a remarkable commercial success in Vietnam.

Baconco has developed a wide range of USP based formulas under the label «USP HIGH TECH».

The effects of USP in the field are:

  • A better nitrogen efficiency: once assimilated into USP, urea is released more slowly than if applied as a single fertilizer. The consequence is a much better uptake by the plant.
  • An anti-acidifying fertilizer: soil acidification is a major concern in intensive agriculture. USP is one the few mineral fertilizers having negative acidifying value.
  • A more available form of calcium and sulfur, two important secondary nutrients. The results are a stronger straw and a better resistance to insect attacks on rice crops.

In average, a 5% increase in yield is observed when compared to similar fertilization values on rice.

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