Co-Snail 700WP

  • Special granular drug to treat yellow apple snail harmful to rice.
  • The drug is produced in the form of bait containing substances that attract snails to eat and die.
  • Saving labor and safe for the environment.
  • Net weight: 70g.


  • Niclosamide: 700 g/kg
  • Additives: 300 g/kg

  • Dosage: 250-300 g/ha.
  • Amount of water sprayed: 320-400 liters/ha.
  • Spraying 15 days after sowing.
  • Spray in clusters in places where snails often gather such as: along drainage ditches, depressions, around fields.
  • Quarantine period: Unknown

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1 Certificate of Accreditation ISO17025 2017.pdf Download

  • It is a special granular drug to treat the yellow apple snail that is harmful to rice.
  • Saving labor and safe for the environment.

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