List of winners of "Livestream online with Baconco"

18 May 2020

Baconco would like to express its deepest thanks to customers who have loved, watched and interacted with the program "Livestream online the lucky draw program in the framework of the Customer Conference 2019-2020" of Baconco Co.,Ltd.

Baconco congratulates the lucky customers who have won the awards in the program:

Hồ Văn Đen

List of 40 customers winning the consolation prize in 13 provinces of Mekong Delta - 01 SJC Gold ring

Hồ Văn Đen

List of 30 winners of the Eastern Central Highlands Encouragement Prize - 01 SJC Gold ringNguyễn Văn Dũng 

This is the first livestream of BACONCO, if anything makes customers unhappy, Baconco wishes to receive sympathy. All suggestions from customers, BACONCO will record and do better in the next sessions to spread BACONCO image and come closer to people.




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